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From small busy barber shops to nationally recognized award winning salons, tens of thousands of hair salons across the UK create a constant flow of great hairdressing jobs and a mixture of job opportunities that can take a professionals hairdressing career almost anywhere. Whether you're looking for apprenticeships, senior roles, chair rentals or assessor jobs, you can enjoy access to some of the latest hairdressing vacancies right here!

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Hairdressing Jobs & Vacancies in Local Salons

For individuals looking for hairdressing jobs, the choices and options available in the UK are almost endless, and then there are also job opportunities abroad to be found. From entry level trainee jobs to much more senior level positions and self employed opportunities, there are hairdressing jobs for everyone at any stage of your career.

The varieties of hairdressing jobs commonly available

Not only will you find jobs available at any level, but you will also find a variety of specialist hairdressing jobs commonly available. These often focus on a single niche area of hairdressing and require the individual to have exceptional talent and expertise in that area. Roles available include:


In recent years, barbering has become recognised as an entirely different career to that of a unisex hairdresser/hairstylist, requiring a very different set of skills. Focussing solely on male clients, barber jobs require skills and techniques that many hair stylists will not use day to day, and may never have used. Use of the straight razor, wet shaving and hair art/patterns are a few good examples of important everyday barbering skills, used much less frequently (if at all) by hair stylists in ladies salons. 

Colour technicians

Some larger salon groups often provide hairdressing job opportunities in the area of colouring. Commonly referred to as “colour technicians”, these individuals will be identified as having an exceptional talent in the field, and much of their role will be focussed on the art of colouring hair. 

Salon managers

The role of a salon manager is about the highest level of employment available in terms of career progression. Whilst many individuals will strive to become a manager, few will realise just what is involved. Salon managers should possess a huge range of skills and abilities, beyond being an exceptional hairdresser. You will require an ability to motivate and discipline staff when required. You may become responsible for many additional admin related duties which can include, marketing, advertising, training and recruitment.  


Having spent several years in the salon gaining experience, other job roles available to more experienced hairdressers include college tutor/assessor jobs. The role of the hairdressing tutor, trainer or assessor is to guide students through their NVQ, providing feedback and guidance to help develop their skills accordingly. Whilst being responsible for large classes can be a challenge, sharing your knowledge, experience and helping to develop the next generation of hairdressers is incredibly rewarding.

Session stylists

A session stylist is an experienced hairdresser that works on a set. TV, film, or for fashion photo shoots, the job role of a session stylist is almost identical to that of a salon based hair stylist. It is an exciting idea, the thought of working with TV or film stars, and it’s of no surprise that hairdressing jobs in this field are few and far between, with stiff competition for jobs when they become available.  

Sales rep positions

Whilst there are a variety of hairdressing jobs available within the salon, there are also a few roles to be found out of the salon. Given the amount of products used within the industry, it’s down to individuals with an expertise in sales, to get them into salons. Hairdressing wholesalers are regularly seeking individuals with knowledge of hairdressing related products, strong social skills and an ability to up-sell products to act as travelling reps, promoting the latest products to local salons.

For more in depth information about different hairdressing job roles visit our hairdressing careers advice section.

Where can hairdressing jobs take you?

One of the great things about hairdressing jobs is the opportunities it provides individuals to take their trade beyond their home town. Below we list a few examples of where a career in hairdressing could take an ambitious individual.

Jobs nationwide or overseas

Hairdressing jobs can be found nationwide in the UK with hairdressing salons found in the largest cities and the smallest towns, up and down the country. If your circumstance should change, rest assured that you’ll probably find a hairdressing job wherever you’re moving to, without too much trouble. 

Perhaps a more exciting prospect is the opportunity to take a hairdressing job abroad. The Caribbean, Dubai or Australia, are all countries with big hairdressing industries, regularly recruiting and happy to employ hairdressers trained in the UK.

Jobs on cruise ships

A great opportunity for hairdressers wanting to see the world, are hairdressing jobs aboard cruise ships. Positions on cruise ships become available frequently with many hairdressers working on board for only a season or two.

Owning a salon

The ultimate ambition for many hairdressers is the chance to own your own salon. There are also many self employed hairdressing jobs to be found in already established salons. Renting a chair or a room are common options, allowing individuals to sample a self employed role without taking the gamble of taking on a premises and the associated costs.

Typical salaries and earning expectations

Currently entry level hairdressing jobs (trainee/apprentices) can receive £2.73 p/h (£103 p/w) for 16-18 yr olds or those over 19 in their first apprenticeship year. After this, typically the minimum wage will apply.  As a qualified hairdresser (over 21) you can typically expect a salary between £12,500 and £17500, with some movement based on your location. With more experience and a strong clientele built, the opportunity to earn upwards of £20,000 is very achievable in many areas. Many companies also offer bonuses and commission based on retail sales or revenue generated all providing additional chances for you to boost your income. More specialist and senior level roles, including managers and tutors can earn upwards of £30,000 per year. For self employed positions earnings are effectively uncapped.

Getting started and finding hairdressing jobs?

There are a couple of different ways to get into hairdressing. The two most common routes are through an in-house apprenticeship, or through gaining your qualification in hairdressing at college.

A hairdressing apprenticeship is an opportunity to learn hands on in the salon whilst undergoing various assessments at different stages to achieve a recognized qualification. Apprentice hairdressing jobs will not require any prior hairdressing based qualifications, but will require individuals to show a good attitude towards work and a keen interest in the hairdressing industry. Alternatively, individuals can attend college, gain a qualification in hairdressing and then look to find hair stylist jobs.

With both routes, it’s important that your CV is well made and that you are well rehearsed in interviewing to give yourself the best possible chance of securing the job. You can read more helpful articles regarding applying for hairdressing jobs, CV’s, interview advice and more, in our career zone section. 

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