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Spa and Salon Manager Job Description

It's a dream of many aspiring stylists, but what exactly is does a salon managers job description entail. After several years within the hairdressing salon a hair stylist may get an opportunity to progress into the job of a salon manager.  This is rarely an opportunity to move away from the salon floor though, most salon or spa manager jobs will still largely revolve around working a full column as a hair stylist or therapist for their bands of loyal customers.  So what does a spa manager or salon managers job role involve?

On top of perhaps a forty hour week on the shop floor carrying out familiar duties, the salon or spa manager duties involve many other important tasks, some of these would include;
Marketing and advertising
The salon or spa manager will be expected to identify areas of improvement within the salon and provide possible solutions.  These may include advertising or marketing campaigns and it is important that salon managers spend time researching and developing money making schemes that can be implemented within their own salon.

Recruitment campaigns
Another important responsibility of a spa manager is controlling the salons recruitment needs. This will involve tasks including advertising, short listing, interviewing and hiring.   

Salon managers should have good knowledge of employment law and procedures and it is crucial that they are excellent communicators.  Many companies run courses on subjects such as interviewing techniques. These provide an excellent foundation for managers with basic knowledge and skills.

Team management
Possibly the most important area of a salon managers job is managing the team within the salon.  They are the foundations on which the company operates and without doubt it will always require attention somewhere. 

Appraisals, managing holidays and disciplinaries are just a few of the many requirements to keep the team in the salon performing to the best of its ability.  Managers should be approachable, understanding and be able to communicate well with very different individuals adapting when necessary to get the required outcome.  

Staff training
The salon manager will lead by example and to demonstrate this will often be responsible for staff training. Salon managers will use years of salon experience and knowledge of jobs in the salon and the industry to inspire and educate younger hair stylists.  You can expect to provide training on a range of subjects from the latest hair and beauty techniques and customer service procedures to important health and safety procedures. 

Salon managers should still be eager to learn and must look to gain knowledge on all these subjects and any others that bring added value to the business.  

In-salon responsibilities
Areas such as stock control, cashing up, banking, and customer service related issues will also be responsibilities of the salon manager.  Stock control is crucial to keep the salon performing efficiently and it is also important identify areas where improvements and savings could be made.

Managers will be required to resolve many issues including possible customer complaints and these are often a big test of the salon managers ability.  Salon managers need to be patient and able to communicate effectively providing a solution that suit's the clients needs and the business.

General requirements for a salon manager jobs and desired attributes:
Personal characteristics - Strong leadership and communication skills, highly motivated and ambitious. 
Previous experience - Min. 5 years salon experience, experience in similar role desirable.
Qualifications - Hairdressing NVQ level 2/3.