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Frequently asked questions

"Are there any charges to use the site as a job seeker?"

There are no fees to use the site as a job seeker. You are welcome to create a professional career profile and use all our job seeker tools and features free of charge.

"There are no jobs currently posted matching my requirements?"

As Salonjobseeker.com acts purely as a venue to advertise, rather than an agency, this can happen from time to time. Employers post their own jobs and although new jobs are being posted every week, we are unable to guarantee or predict when a suitable position will be posted. Our job seeker tools help reduce time searching.

"Who will have access to my profile?"

Your profile will only be visible to recruiters who have positions advertised that you may be considered suitable for, based on your own chosen profile settings. You are able to keep personal details (name, address, etc) confidential or keep your whole profile hidden, whenever necessary, to suit your current job seeking status. Your information will only be used in line with the terms and conditions agreed.

"How can I get more information about a job posting?"

As SalonJobSeeker.com acts purely as a venue for employers to post vacancies at their own convenience, we only have access to the same information posted. For more information you would need to contact the company directly.

For any further information or advice, please contact us.