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Trainee hairdresser jobs and apprenticeships in hairdressing and beauty therapy

Trainee hairdresser jobs and apprenticeships have become very popular choices, and it's not surprising. The world of hair and beauty is a fantastic industry to be involved in. Not only does it continue to grow and become more exciting, but it's a trade that can be taken anywhere, leading to an incredible variety of job opportunities made available throughout your career. From roles in small local salons to catwalk fashion shows and TV studios, if you put the time and dedication in, there are opportunities to work anywhere in the world.

Salons have become increasingly aware of the value of investing in good trainees and apprentices, taking the time to train and develop individuals themselves, leading to them become highly skilled, important members of the team. Good jobs are snapped up fast, register free to receive alerts when new trainee hairdresser jobs are posted in future

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Trainee Hairdresser Jobs and Apprenticeships

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Trainee hairdresser jobs and hairdressing apprenticeships; Career options

Individuals wanting to embark on a career in hairdressing have a couple of interesting options to consider, ensuring they find an apprenticeship or trainee hairdresser job that will best suit their future ambitions.

Trainee hair stylist jobs

For those interested in learning all areas of the hairdressing trade, including gent’s and ladies hairdressing, trainee hairdresser jobs in unisex salons throughout the UK are plentiful. You can expect your learning to be thorough, with three or four days in salon and a single day per week at a local college, where you will attain your nationally recognised qualification in hairdressing.

Trainee barbering jobs and apprenticeships

With the incredible growth that the gents grooming industry has seen in recent years, barbering has grown in popularity and It is possible to find trainee jobs and apprenticeships that will be based in a busy barber shops, with training and learning focussed entirely around gent’s hairdressing. Whilst it’s unlikely that you’ll learn the full skills required to be an experienced ladies hairdresser, you will learn barbering techniques of an exceptionally high level, which will stand you in excellent stead, if a career in gent’s hairdressing is your main ambition.

Duties and tasks required of trainees and apprentices

Whether you choose a job in a barbershop or in a unisex hair salon, a lot of your duties and responsibilities will be similar to other trainee hairdresser jobs with duties that help keep the salon working efficiently.

Preparation of clients

Trainee hairdresser jobs always involve duties around preparing clients for their treatments. This can be as simple as gowning a client to more involved tasks like shampooing, head massages, hot towels etc.

Simple hairdressing services (assisted)

As your training progresses you will become more involved in the services carried out in the salon and may be given an opportunity to carry out some simple supervised hairdressing yourself. This can include blow drying, styling, or very basic cutting like fringe trims and crew cuts.

Salon maintenance

The management of the salon is probably the most important role of trainee hairdresser’s job. Behind the noise of the hairdryers and the fabulous work created by the stylists, the trainee hairdresser role is crucial to ensure that the salon is running smoothly. Trainees will ensure that everything is at hand for senior staff and that the clients are kept comfortable and provided with refreshments when necessary.

Reception duties

Trainees will often have duties at the reception in salons that don’t have dedicated front of house staff. This can include management of bookings, appointments, phone calls, cancellations and handling payments.

Read our trainee/apprentice job description article for further details.

Average wages for trainee hairdressers and apprentices

From October 2014, in the UK, the national minimum wage for apprentices is £2.73 p/h (£103 p/w). This is based on individuals 16 - 18 years of age and those aged over 19, in their first apprenticeship year. In all other situations the national minimum wage for your age applies. The quicker you are able to show the salon owner that you are able to generate income for the salon, the sooner you are likely to see your salary start to increase. There are also opportunities to earn tips and commission incentives on retail sales in some salons!