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Hair stylist jobs and vacancies

With the UK home to more than 30,000 hairdressing salons, you would expect a tremendous number of hair stylist job opportunities to be out there at any time, and there are, for hairdressers of all levels. With salons up and down the country providing clients with a full spectrum of services, it creates diversity between salons, and a great variety of hair stylist jobs out there.

Junior stylists, senior stylists, colour technicians, artistic directors, self employed chair rental opportunities - the list of hair stylist jobs commonly available goes on and on. The industry continues to flourish and with increased popularity it creates strong demand and competition for vacancies. Be among the first to hear when great new hair stylist vacancies are posted, sign up for our job alert emails now. It’s totally free, and could help you secure a dream position!

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Hair stylist jobs in leading salons

Hair stylist jobs

Hair stylist jobs; variations and progression opportunities.

The term “hair stylist” is a very broad term associated with the job role of a hairdresser, and the daily duties that hair stylist jobs often entail can vary considerably between salons. It’s common to see hairdressing salons use a variety of different job titles to better describe the job available in their specific salon. Here are a few examples:

Apprentice, Trainee, Young, Improver/Graduate, etc.

Positions like these are all examples commonly attributed to hairdressers in their first few years, after gaining qualifications. Duties will be quite similar and your development will generally continue to be monitored for a while. For hairdressing jobs at this level, you will not be required to have any previous experience in hairdressing, an eagerness to learn the trade, and good initiative are what employers look for.

Senior, Artistic, Creative, Technical, Session, Director, etc.

These titles are commonly seen to describe job roles requiring more experience within the industry. Whilst they will often involve regular hair stylist duties, many also begin to involve more senior level duties which can include educating, areas of salon management and creative/session work.

Further detailed information about job progression opportunities in hairdressing can be read in our hairdressing career ladder article.

Typical duties associated with hair stylist jobs.

As explained, the duties of a hair stylist can vary considerably, depending upon the level of experience of the individual and their role within their particular salon. However, there are some very common duties that should be expected when considering any hair stylist job:

General salon maintenance: Working in a tidy manner, keeping areas clean where possible.

Reception duties

Managing appointments, bookings, and handling payments are all administration related duties that stylists will carry out in hair salons without dedicated receptionists.

Hair cutting and styling

All areas of unisex hairdressing including cutting, colouring, and styling. hair stylists should have a good knowledge of traditional and modern ladies and gents hairdressing. Confident in use of clippers, scissors and razors.

Product knowledge

A sound knowledge of products used in the salon is crucial. The ability to up sell, increasing the salons income is an attribute not only highly regarded by salon owners but one which can also lead to increased earnings for the hair stylist

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Average hair stylist wage, salaries and earnings.

As a trained, qualified hair stylist in the UK (over 21), you can expect to earn at least £12,500 per year (full time) which can rise up and beyond £17500 per year, as your experience and knowledge increases. It’s useful to remember, hair stylists can boost their income considerably with tips, bonuses and commission, all available in some salons.