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Barber jobs and vacancies in barbering

With thousands of barber shops and men's hairdressing salons established across the UK, barbering jobs and opportunities for the modern, professional, gents hairdresser are plentiful. Busy salons in cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham, continue wonderful traditions with daily duties often including hot towels, wet shaving and shoe shining and offer the chance to perfect your barbering skills within award winning barbershops and grooming emporiums.

Barber jobs in other large cities and towns throughout the UK can also provide similar opportunities though. At any given time there are likely to be apprenticeships, trainee barber jobs, senior positions and chairs to rent in your own county. You'll always find a selection of leading barbershops advertising their positions right here, but to ensure you don't miss out on a perfect job, sign up today and get barber job alert emails.

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Barber jobs and vacancies in gents hairdressing

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Typical barber job duties

For the large part, barber jobs are quite similar across the world. All barbering positions will involve tasks including general cleaning duties, reception duties and the managing and selling of retail products as well as the expected manual hairdressing duties. Before considering a barber job (besides apprenticeships), we would recommend that you are competent in the following areas of gentlemen’s hairdressing:

Hair cutting

Barber jobs and vacancies

You should have a good skill set of all areas of cutting with both scissors and clippers. You should be particularly experienced with use of the clippers, able to cut and blend even the shortest grades.


You should have a sound knowledge of the correct use of hair dryers, straightening irons and other tools required to create the desired finish.

Awareness of fashion (hair related)

Whilst you won’t necessarily be expected to be obsessively fashion conscious, you should have an ever aware knowledge of what styles and trends are currently being worn across the globe. This will help with future consultations, having a good knowledge of popular styles.


Hairlines, hard parts and wet shaves, use of the straight/cut throat razor is a very valuable skill to have. More and more salons and barbershops now offer the hot towel experience meaning it's a valuable technique to master.

For a more detailed description of duties to expect, please read our barber job description article.

Barber job progression opportunities.

Barber shops are quite unique in that they are commonly small teams with quite often only a handful of positions levels found, these are typically:


Salons and barbershops have realised that investing in apprentices often proves to be the best way to develop a reliable, solid team of employees, in the long term and so trainee barber jobs and barbering apprenticeships are commonly available up and down the UK.

Experienced barber

Having completed your apprenticeship you can expect to take on a full job as a barber. Most businesses will have a number of experienced barbers working various full and part time jobs. Experienced barbers will be expected to be able to carry out the full menu of barbering services available, on any client that enters the salon. To apply for a job at this level you should be experienced in every area of gents hairdressing as described above.

Barbershop manager/owner

Some barbershops will have a designated manager, for others, this job will be taken by the owner themselves. Jobs at this level tend to be available less often, as many salons will look to firstly promote from within. A barber managers job could involve a lot of duties. The job will not only include common barbering duties but will also likely include general running of the salon, stock, staffing, holidays, disciplinary action, marketing and recruitment. To apply for jobs at this level we would recommend that you have some previous experience with these additional management level duties.

Average barber wages and earnings.

An experienced barber (at senior level) in the UK (over 21), can expect to earn upwards of £12,500 per year (full time) which can rise up and beyond £20,000 per year, as you gain experience. Don’t forget, with tips, bonuses and commission, some barbers earnings can be much higher.

Quick fire interview with a barber from the UK.

We took the opportunity to ask an experienced barber, a few questions about his barbering job. Bobby is a barber based in Northamptonshire. With more than 15 years experience in the hairdressing industry, he is now a full time barber and loving every minute of it.

"Did you always want to be a barber?"

"I’ve been in hairdressing for many years, working in unisex salons until a few years ago. I always enjoyed cutting specifically, so always enjoyed gents hairdressing. I took a job in a barbershop and my eyes were immediately opened to just how different and technical barbering was. Since then i’ve worked hard to improve in every area and haven’t looked back".

"What is the most enjoyable part of the job?"

"Giving the customer just what they want is obviously rewarding, but for me it’s the social aspect of the job and the banter in the salon between the staff and customers. We have such a laugh every day it rarely feels like work."

"Least favorite thing about being a barber?

"No late Friday nights, dozens of gents waiting for you to open on a Saturday morning and back ache spring to mind! The positives far outweigh the negatives though."

"Future barbering ambitions?"

"I think everyone has the thought that one day they will be running their own salon. It’s a thought i have occasionally, but to be honest, i’m very happy where I am, we have a great setup. I would like to try some competition/show work one day perhaps, if we can find the time!"

"One tip for any want-to-be barbers?"

"Never stop wanting to improve. As styles and fashions change, there is always something to be learnt. Even after 15 years, I still encounter new situations and discuss possible techniques with colleagues who may have their own opinions or valuable previous experience."

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